Why Should You Rent A Facebook Agency Account?

Most people who are new to Facebook Advertising struggle with a ton of account errors, like ads stuck in review, spending threshold, budget limits, and more. Simply put, it’s because they haven’t discovered a powerful type of account: the Facebook Agency Account. 

So in this post, I’ll break down and answer the question ‘Why Should You Rent A Facebook Agency Account?’. Hey advertisers, you must read every section carefully so you don’t miss out on important information about this superb ad account.

why should you rent a facebook agency account
Why should you rent a Facebook Agency account?

Why Should You Rent A Facebook Agency Account?

The first part of this article is all about cutting to the chase and giving you the lowdown on why you should be jumping on the agency account bandwagon right now. Well, maybe not right now, but definitely after you’ve read through these seriously compelling reasons:

Account reputation and stability

Facebook Agency Ads Account is the most advanced type of account that Facebook grants to businesses for advertising. Meets many conditions, high reputation.

This outstanding account always has high stability. Get support to handle problems quickly when the account is suspended.

Save time, effort, money

This high-level account has no spending threshold, unlimited advertising budget. This means you can save quite a bit of money by only focusing on high-performing ads.

Not only that, this account also has very few problems compared to regular accounts, so you will also save a lot of time and effort. Besides, You can use this account without additional bank cards. Transparent and fast deposit refund and fees, save a lot of time.

why should you rent a facebook agency account all reasons
Save time, effort, money

Prestige for you

When you rent an account from reputable providers like GDT Agency. You automatically enjoy all the advantages of an agency account. Including the exclusive advantages that Facebook gives to agency advertising accounts.

Improve key advertising metrics

Simply because you have priority – something Facebook gives to reputable agency advertising accounts. So bid, CPM, CPC, CPA priorities are for you.

Remember one secret when using this type of ad account: “The more you spend, the higher your ROAS and ROI.” Listen to reputable agencies and apply the right tips, tactics, strategies and you will achieve success.

The Risks Of Not Using Facebook Agency Accounts 

If advertisers are overlooking Facebook Agency Accounts, they’re missing out on a huge opportunity to supercharge their Facebook Ads. Skip and not using Agency Account means you’re stuck with a regular Facebook ad account, and that comes with a bunch of drawbacks like:

Account suspended due to Advertising Policies violations

This is the most dangerous consequence of not using this account. Regular advertising accounts are very fragile and can easily be targeted by Facebook.

This is also the error that drives many new advertisers working with Facebook Ads crazy. Basically, compliance with Meta Ads Policies is extremely necessary. However, Facebook has a secret ranking for Facebook Page and Facebook Ads Account.

If it is a newly active account, the rate of account suspension will be higher than accounts that have been active for a long time, have a spending history, or are verified like Facebook Agency Account.

the risks of not using facebook agency accounts
The risks of not using Facebook Agency Accounts

Facebook’s algorithm changes rapidly

Professional advertisers often call it ‘Facebook Storms‘. It has an association with storms that sweep through and cause great damage to businesses. Of course, ‘Facebook Storms‘ do not cause physical damage, but indirectly cause accounts to be suspended and cause many businesses to lose time, effort, and money.

Facebook updates and changes its algorithm very often. These changes affect how ads are displayed, how they are targeted, and even newly promulgated banned content.

Competition and high advertising costs

Competition and advertising costs vary based on many factors such as bidding strategy, ad content, targeting, time, ad display location, Ad Format, Ad Objective, etc.

However, if you only use self-serve advertising accounts, it will be difficult to compete with advertising accounts that have high spending history already. Therefore, Agency-level ad account will have the upper hand at this point.

Difficult to scale budget for winning ads

If you are a newbie, then you should know one important thing: Facebook Ads only really reaches its full potential when you have a winning ad and focus your budget on it.

-> Expert knowledge: Winning Ad is the high performance ad with high ROI, ROAS, sales, conversions and low cost (CPC, CPM, CPA). It has good content reach to the right audience. 

Basically, winning ads with low cost, interaction and conversion or high sales will be the breakthrough for most businesses or brands today. This is where they focus on injecting a budget to gain profits.

However, self-serve accounts often have limited budgets and spending thresholds that will cause you difficulties. New self-serve accounts typically have a spending limit of $25 or less. This is a very low limit, and it takes a lot of time to increase it. This can really slow you down.

Surely Facebook Agency Account will be the most reasonable choice at this point with unlimited budget and no spending threshold.

Benefits Of Renting Facebook Agency Accounts From GDT Agency

Come to GDT Agency, which provides reputable accounts for businesses, organizations, and advertisers who want to expand their business models. With the best Agency Account Rentals Service in the market, we confidently bring advertisers great advantages such as:

facebook agency account for rent from gdt agency
Facebook Agency Account for Rent from GDT Agency

The most affordable rental rates

We’re ready to partner with any business at the most competitive rates. Fees start at just 0.5% of your total budget, and there are no hidden ad taxes.

Basically, the rental cost is based on your initial budget. But we also offer our partners a lot of flexibility on pricing. So don’t worry about the cost when you work with GDT Agency.

Boost your advertising knowledge

We don’t just have accounts for rent. We’re happy to review, optimize, and troubleshoot your campaigns. We’ll also give you a detailed analysis of your current situation and suggest the best solutions.

This is a great way to gradually improve your advertising skills. We focus on collaborating with our clients to grow and succeed together.

Partnership with Facebook

GDT Agency has a partnership with the Facebook platform – currently Meta. We’ve worked with Facebook representatives in the region over the years.

 This helps the account get priority in all aspects of advertising such as: fast review time, ensuring ads are spent properly, unlimited features, etc.

facebook agency account for rent from reputable agency
Agency Ad Account rental service from reputable agency

Free Ad Policy compliance check

We’re happy to partner with you and check your ads for policy compliance, free of charge. This check is based on the latest Meta Ads Policies and is conducted by industry-leading experts.

Dedicated Team for clients

The GDT Agency team of experts is always ready to help our clients 24/7 with dedication. We’re prepared for any situation that may arise. Plus, we’ll process all your deposit and withdrawal requests within 5 minutes.

dedicated team for clients
Dedicated team for clients

Strategy for winning advertising

Exclusive strategies from GDT Agency help partners using account rental services build the perfect journey to create winning advertising.
We focus on analyzing the market landscape and the relevance of products to the Facebook audience. From there, create winning products and advertising for partners. This is also an exclusive and free shared strategy exclusively for partners cooperating with GDT Agency.


Honestly, getting a handle on the question ‘Why Should You Rent A Facebook Agency Account?‘ is going to be a game-changer when it comes to renting and using a Facebook Agency Ad Account like a pro. 

But let’s be real, Facebook Ads is a long and winding road that requires a whole lot of knowledge to truly conquer. So don’t forget, GDT Agency is always here to help our clients navigate the twists and turns of Agency Account for rent. We’ve got your back!

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Henry Duy
Henry Duy

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