A/B Test Facebook Ads: Full Steps To Do It Properly

Actually, A/B Testing Facebook Ads is a feature that every advertiser should not ignore. It has many effects, mainly helping you optimize ads and find good components of ads. Most importantly, it helps you find winning ads with high performance. So what is this tool? What is the most correct way? Learn all about A/B Testing in this article.

ab test facebook ads
A/B Test Facebook Ads

What Is A/B Test Facebook Ads?

For new advertisers, A/B Test is a feature available in Meta Ads Manager that helps advertisers compare the two separate ads. The result you get is higher performing ads.

what is ab test facebook ads
What is A/B Test Facebook Ads?

Why is this tool important for advertisers? Because it can help you filter out poor performing ingredients and ads. And shows you high-performing creatives and components. From there, you can balance your budget and really focus your money on high-performing ad campaigns.

How To Use A/B Test Facebook Ads?

First, visit Meta Ads Manager. The next steps depend on your screen size. If you go full screen with wide resolution, you can see the ‘A/B Test’ feature as shown below:

full screen
Full screen

If your working window with Meta Ads Manager is too small, you must click on ‘More’. Then click ‘A/B Test’ as shown below:

small screen
Small screen

There is another way to use A/B Testing. That is on the second Ad Campaign initialization screen, turn this feature on as shown below:

turn on ab test button
Turn on A/B Test button

Instructions For Mastering A/B Test Facebook Ads

The next content section is the most specific steps for you to master A/B Test Facebook Ads. I will clearly analyze 3 effective ways to do A/B Test. That is:

Find winning Ad

While running Facebook Ads, you will certainly wonder which advertising budget you should really focus on. Or want to know which ads have the best performance because you don’t have enough money to spend on too many ads. Or you simply want to remove poorly performing ads.

So here’s how you do it:

Step 1: You can start creating A/B Test as instructed above. These steps are extremely simple so I will skip them here.

Step 2: Next, you just need to click on ‘Select two existing ads’.

click select two existing ads
Click ‘Select two existing ads’

Step 3: In this step, you must choose to compare the level of Ad Sets or Ad Campaigns. Please select the level of ad you want to compare. Then select the Ad you want to compare.

choose ad campaign or set level
Choose Ad campaign or Ad set level

Step 4: Choose the budget and time you want to run the A/B Test.

Step 5: Choose key metric to compare.

choose metrics to determine the winner
Choose metrics to determine the winner

Find high-performing ad elements

High-performing ad elements here can be anything in an Ad Copy that you create. It can be the Headline, Primary Text, Description, CTA, Ad Creative (Image, Video), etc. But it must be effective and efficient.

For example, you have more than 1 idea about Image for ads. Below are specific instructions so you can know which Primary Text is more attractive to your audience:

Step 1: Same as step 1 above.

Step 2: Next, you just need to click on ‘Make a copy of an ad’. To create an Ad Copy identical to the original Ad Copy.

Make a copy of an ad
Choose ‘Make a copy of an ad’

Step 3: In this step, you need to change the content of the second Ad Copy. More specifically, you must know clearly what the component you want to compare is. For example, I want to see which image will attract more viewers. Then I will ONLY CHANGE ‘Image’ as follows:

add image
Click ‘Add Image’

Step 4: Choose the budget and time you want to run.

Compare Automated Ads vs. Manual Setting Ads

I’ll basically go through the same steps as I did to find the winning ad (not the high-performing ad component). However, you need to have Automated Ads and Manual Setting Ads available before:

compare automated ads vs manual setting ads
Compare ‘Automated ads’ vs ‘Manual setting ads’

A small note in this situation: Currently, i mean in 2024, AI is being developed very strongly by Facebook. Therefore, comparing Automated Ads vs. Manual Set Up Ads are extremely important. You will be able to find a few Winning Automated Ads. Try to track and optimize them, it won’t disappoint you.

How Much Should You Spend On A/B Test Facebook Ads?

In my work experience, it would be great if you spent enough money on these test ads.

I typically spend $300 to $400 on these test ads. I chose ‘Lifetime budget’ and set them to run for 20 days. Of course I also choose the stop option if I find a winning ad to save costs.

However, if you have a lot of money and feel this is important, you can spend $500 and run for a period of 1 month. It’s also quite good.

Don’t think it costs money. Would you rather spend $500 on test ads or $5,000 on poorly performing ads?

This is very important: Balance the budget. You must always monitor Ad Campaigns and always optimize them. So spending a few hundred dollars on A/B Testing is not something expensive here.


In short, A/B Testing Facebook Ads is a pretty great feature. It has many ways to perform and use for many different purposes. However, if you want to master Facebook Ads. Well, it’s been a long and difficult journey.

Don’t be impatient or worried, contact GDT Agency whenever you need. Our team of experts is ready to help you overcome all challenges when running Facebook Ads. Keep it up, Facebook Advertisers!

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