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Facebook Agency Account is the highest-level account of BM widely used worldwide, with extremely high credibility. This type of account has a large spending limit with no budget restrictions, super-fast ad approval with BNPL form.

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Google Agency Account is a service provided by Google to support advertising. It helps to limit the account from being deactivated, suspended or disabled quickly and simply. Multiple campaigns and tasks can be set up simultaneously without worrying about abnormal errors.

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TikTok Agency Account, also known as TikTok Agency Ad account, is the highest-level account of BC (Business Center). This account has a high credit limit and is not limited in daily spending. The special thing is that there is no need to use a credit card, which helps to reduce the time for registration and card management.


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GDT Agency is a certified Tiktok partner. Tiktok is one of the world's fastest growing social networks, and GDT Agency recognizes its value and potential.

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GDT Agency is a leading Facebook Partner that specializes in Facebook Ads advertising services. Furthermore, we provide consulting services based on the clients' goals and the most appropriate strategies.

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As a reputable Google Partner, GDT Agency can offer Google Ads platform advertising services such as advertising on Google Search and display advertising on Google partner websites.

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Bing Ads is a well-known online advertising platform that allows you to reach a wide range of people. GDT Agency, as a dependable Bing Ads partner, offers professional Bing Ads platform advertising services.


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We offer a wide range of advertising solutions, tailored to each client’s needs and budget. With GDT Agency’s advertising invoice rental account, customers can save time, save costs and improve their advertising efficiency.

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