[Q&A] How To Transfer Google Ads Account To Another One?

Are you looking to transfer Google Ads account to a new one? In this guide, I will walk you through the simple steps to seamlessly transfer your campaigns, settings, and valuable data to a new account. Whether you’re reorganizing your accounts or transitioning ownership, this guide will provide you with the necessary instructions and best practices to ensure a smooth and successful transfer. Save time and effort as you navigate the process and take full control of your Google Ads account transfer.

Transfer Google Ads Account

Transfer Google Ads Account

Transfer Google Ads Account To Another One

Here is a simple guide for you to transfer your Google Ads account in a very simple way. Follow each step to complete the conversion.

Step 1: Access your MCC account. You click on “Tools and settings” -> “Access and security”

Step 1 Access MCC account

Step 1: Access MCC account

Step 2: Click on the “+” icon as shown below to add an administrator account.

Step 2 Click on the + icon

Step 2: Click on the “+” icon

Step 3: Enter the Email of the new admin account you want to transfer. Next, tick “Admin” then click “Send invitation”.

Step 3 Enter email

Step 3: Enter email

Note: You must enable 2-step verification for your Google account to continue to the next step.

Step 4: You just need to click “Confirm” and follow the security procedures according to Google’s instructions.

Step 4 Click Confirm

Step 4: Click “Confirm”

Step 5: You access Gmail to see the confirmation mail from Google. Click on “ACCEPT INVITATION”

Step 5 Access Gmail

Step 5: Access Gmail

Step 6: Go back to the Google Ads interface and you can already see that the new account has been granted administrative rights.

step 6

Last step

Those are all the steps to transfer Google Ads account to the other one. If you want to completely remove the old account. You click on Remove Access as shown in the image above.

Q&A About Transferring Google Ads Account

During the Google Ads account transition. You will have many questions and some problems appear. Here are some answers to questions surrounding the transfer.

Feature Questions

Feature questions

Feature questions

How do I change the account on the Google Ads app?

The Google Ads app, available for Android and iOS users, provides comprehensive campaign management, instant insights, and analytics.

Can I have two Google Ads Manager accounts?

While Google Ad Manager offers multiple advertising solutions, Google Ad Manager for Publishers does not include Google’s Doubleclick or YouTube services.

Can I transfer Google Ads account to another Business Account?

To move an ad account to another Business Account, submit a transfer request and provide the necessary information to your current manager.

Can you transfer a page to another Google account?

The transfer of a page to another account is possible, but it depends on the specific rules and policies of each website. Contact the website admin for support.

Can I transfer Google Analytics settings to another one?

Transferring Google Analytics settings to another account is not always allowed, but alternative solutions exist to overcome this limitation.

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Budget Questions

Budget questions

Budget questions

Can I transfer Google Ads Account balance to another one?

Google Ads balance transfer allows advertisers to move their advertising spend from one account to another, up to $10,000 without any charges.

How can I transfer Google Ads Account Payments Profile of my Google Ads?

For a smooth transfer of the Payments Profile, it is recommended to seek dedicated support from reputable agencies like GDT Agency, a trusted Google partner. Protecting your payment information is crucial, and professional assistance ensures a secure transition.

While running Google ads with multiple accounts, can I lose my entire budget if my ads are paused?

Of course, if you violate Google’s advertising policies, you will likely lose money if your ads are suspended. To fix this, I recommend using Google Ads Account For Rent from us. Our premium account will help you avoid problems such as ad suspension or lost budget while running ads on Google.

Data Questions

Data questions

Data questions

How to transfer data from a Google Ads account to another account?

To transfer data from a Google Ads account to another account, you need to use a 3rd party tool. The most popular today is Coupler, which helps you back up and transfer data very conveniently from across platforms. advertisement.

During the data transfer Google Ads Account process, may I lose some important customer information?

Currently, tools for transferring user data and important information work very effectively, with few errors. However, if your internet connection has problems, this process may be interrupted and some information may be missed.


Transfer Google Ads Account to another one is not difficult as there are many tools and features on Google to help you do this. If you wanna read more about experience of advertising, refer Google Ads Blog. However, if you want to set up with the information in your old account, you also need to refer to 3rd party tools. While using Google, if you encounter serious problems, contact us immediately, advertising experts from GDT Agency to receive timely assistance:

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