Google Ads Vs Amazon Ads: Which Is The Best For You?

Hello diligent advertisers, if you’re interested in effective advertising platforms for online businesses, you must read this entire article titled: “Google Ads Vs Amazon Ads: Which Is The Best For You?” This article focuses on comparing important aspects so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the two advertising platforms that demonstrate special effectiveness in online business, opening online stores, and e-commerce platforms in the US market. Let’s delve into Google Ads and Amazon Ads, followed by a clear comparison for you to make informed decisions.

Google Ads Vs Amazon Ads

Google Ads Vs Amazon Ads

What’s Compelling About Using Google Ads?

In the first part of the article, I will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Google Ads for you to follow conveniently. These are not just my subjective evaluations but also the features that professional advertisers are currently using to boost advertising on Google. First, let’s talk about some of the strengths of this platform:

Access to a large pool of potential customers

Google Ads has the ability to reach a large number of potential customers from various parts of the world. Regardless of where you are, Google Ads still has distinct ways for you to target suitable audiences.

Access to a large pool of potential customers

Access to a large pool of potential customers

Precise targeting based on multiple criteria

Google Ads provides advertisers with customizable targeting tools with a wide range of options. You can choose audience demographics, location, or behavior.

Google Ads also allows you to target keywords that customers are searching for. It’s also a great way to generate conversions when using Google Ads. 

Diverse ad types/ad objectives

Currently, Google Ads offers advertisers a wide range of ad types/ad objectives. You have many options to create creative ads based on these types of advertising. Some ad types/ad objectives are also suitable and specifically designed for certain products.

Diverse ad types ad objectives

Diverse ad types/ad objectives

Flexibility in budget management

The flexibility in budget management is something I want to highlight here. When using Google Ads, you can easily control the budget of multiple accounts with MCC. Even if you only control a few advertising products and use a personal Google Ads account, it still demonstrates effectiveness.

Special mention goes to the budget management advantages of Google Agency Account Rent from GDT Agency. This type of advertising account is especially suitable for customers who want to use Google Ads as a primary marketing tool.

If you want your Google Ads usage process to be smooth, without encountering errors, without budget limitations, then you must rent this account from us. For details about this important account, please contact GDT Agency directly for consultation.

Drawbacks of Google Ads

Disadvantages of Google Ads

Disadvantages of Google Ads

Discussing the drawbacks of Google Ads, I can say that these disadvantages are not significant compared to the advantages that this platform brings. But of course, when comparing, we always have to evaluate in the most visual way, so I will present the drawbacks of Google Ads including:

  • Variable costs depending on the period: There are many periods such as e-commerce market discount events, where you may notice that bidding prices, CPC, CPM will increase dramatically and the reasons are not clear.
  • Intense competition: Currently, Google Ads is an effective tool, and therefore there are many competing advertising rivals, which is something you need to be aware of when starting to advertise on this platform.
  • Requires knowledge and experience to optimize effectively: This is not necessarily a drawback, but you also need to pay attention because the time and effort you put into optimizing Google Ads are quite significant, so try to combine knowledge, information with regular Google Ads optimization.

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Is Amazon Ads the Top Choice in 2024?

Running Amazon Ads depends on the products you are selling on Amazon. It is indeed a reputable platform with authentic information. Currently, customers are really interested in the source of goods and the credibility that brands bring. And of course, Amazon provides both. So let’s start talking about the current advantages of Amazon Ads.

Accessing high-demand potential customers

Amazon Ads help you reach high-demand potential customers through:

  • Keyword targeting: Display your ads to people searching for your products or services on Amazon.
  • Product targeting: Display your ads to people who have viewed or purchased similar products.
  • Demographic targeting: Reach customers based on age, gender, income, etc.

It’s really effective if you’re targeting ads to active Amazon customers.

Increasing product visibility on Amazon

Like Google Ads, Amazon Ads also have Display Ads, Video Ads that effectively display products to customers with the highest purchase intent.

Increasing product visibility on Amazon

Increasing product visibility on Amazon

Easy campaign management

Basically, the Amazon Ads interface is very user-friendly. Therefore, managing advertising campaigns is also very convenient. If you own some products on Amazon and are new to paid advertising, Amazon Ads will be a reasonable choice to start with.

Disadvantages of Amazon Ads

Some disadvantages of Amazon Ads will be outlined below. Please continue reading if you want to understand more about this platform.

Disadvantages of Amazon Ads

Disadvantages of Amazon Ads

  • Narrower reach compared to Google Ads: Simply because when using Amazon Ads, you can only reach customers (or a small percentage of sellers) active on this platform.
  • Fewer targeting options: Compared to Google Ads for Amazon, Amazon Ads have fewer targeting options within each group. For example, there are no targeting options based on interests or devices.
  • Dependence on Amazon sales effectiveness: When Amazon Ads campaigns are not effective, they fail to attract many potential customers to your products. This results in reduced product views, clicks, and sales potential.

The above content simply means I want to summarize the highlights of the two paid advertising platforms Google Ads Vs Amazon Ads. To make things more specific, I want to analyze thoroughly and clearly according to specific criteria so you can clearly understand and remember. Those criteria are:

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is something every advertiser is always concerned about when it comes to the effectiveness of a paid advertising platform. Basically, conversion rate is always an advantage with an e-commerce platform. According to Statista: The average conversion rate on Amazon Ads is 13.7%, 3 times higher than Google Ads.
For Google Ads, this number is more modest and is only about 4.4% (simply because Google Ads has so many uses, not just sales). However, it is clear that we cannot rely on one index to evaluate the entire platform, so please continue to monitor the criteria below.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

CTR (Click Through Rate)

When it comes to click-through rates, Amazon Ads fares a bit worse. The main reason is because Google Ads has many ways to get users to click on ads. And of course, Google Ads also offers advertisers many different ways to display CTAs.

Click through Rate

Click-through Rate

CPC (Cost Per Click)

For CPC, it is the same as for CTR, Google Ads will be the paid advertising platform with the advantage. However, this index depends on many advertising components, so the information below is for reference only:

Cost per click


Ad stability

Talking about stability, a long-standing platform will receive stability. However, I always evaluate Google’s new updates to its advertising algorithms as quite difficult and will cause a lot of discomfort for new or even senior advertisers.

Ad Stability

Ad Stability

Ad format

Google Ads was born very early, so Google’s development team has also designed many types of ads to serve different advertising purposes. As for Amazon Ads, the platform only offers 6 ad types. The image below will give you a clear understanding of Ad Format on these two platforms:

Ad format 1

Ad Format

Ad Display

For Ad Display, Google Ads certainly has a huge advantage when it owns many display channels. Of course, they also have an advertising display network (GDN), so Amazon is a weaker platform in terms of Ad Display criteria.

Ad Display 1

Ad Display


Targeting on these two platforms really makes me think. I’m not saying which platform is better, but in general, both types of platforms have unique ways to target them and convert them into customers:




As for advertising budget, Amazon Ads does not require you to have a minimum budget, while Google Ads requires a minimum of $5/day. However, using your budget in future ads requires careful thought. Google Ads would be my choice for spending big budgets. Simply because you can use it for many purposes to increase efficiency.




Both of these advertising platforms appear to be very accurate and effective in measuring, providing data, and creating advertising statistical data files. When you use either of these platforms, you can very specifically measure your ads.




I hope that the article “Google Ads Vs Amazon Ads: Which Is The Best For You?” helps you understand the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of these two platforms. Moreover, the choice of which platform to start advertising on depends on your business model, products, and budget. I also hope that you will make an informed decision after reading this comparison article. If you have any questions about Google Ads, contact GDT Agency for timely assistance.

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