Easiest Way To Download Facebook Ad Library Video In 2024

Video advertising campaigns on Facebook always attract new potential customers. If in the first few seconds, it is attractive and creative, viewers will be curious and wondering “Can I download Facebook Ads video?” or “How to download videos from Facebook Ad library?”. Today, I will share with you specific instructions to download Facebook Ad Library video

Download Facebook Ad library video

Download Facebook Ad library video

Easiest Way To Download Facebook Ad Library Video

The following will be a simple guide for you to download Facebook Ad Library videos. It consists of 2 parts: direct download and via extension. You can choose either of these two ways to download videos. Let’s get started.

Download directly from Meta Ad Library

Step 1: You access the Facebook Ad Library and focus on the video ad you want to download. Next, click on the three dots on the top right of that ad.

Step 1 and 2

Step 1 and 2

Step 2: As in the image described above, click on “Copy advertising link“. Next, paste that link into a new tab.

Step 3: You click the triangle button in the middle of the promotional video to start it running. Right-click to bring up the menu as shown below:

Step 3 and 4

Step 3 and 4

Step 4: Select “Save video as…“. To get the download to start, then finish the video download, easy right?

Notice: Please select the appropriate video format for your device to view and edit. I often choose .mp4 for high-quality videos and convenience in editing.

Facebook Ad Library video downloader extension  

Next, I want to introduce you to a utility that you can download Facebook ad library video if the direct download steps I have shown are not successful. You can install this utility directly on Chrome and use it like normal utilities. You can register for a new account or choose to log in via an existing Google account.

Video Downloader Extension

Video Downloader Extension

Once you register or log in successfully. You will have its specific instructions to start downloading videos. In addition to the extension we introduced, many other Chrome extensions can download videos on Ad Library. What you need to watch out for here is that low-rated utilities often won’t work as you want, or they can steal personal information. Be careful not to use malicious utilities.

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Why You Need To Download Facebook Ad Library Video?

After sharing a simple way to understand Facebook Ads library video download. I want to talk about some of the reasons and advantages of this. From there, it helps you make the most of the videos from the Ad Library most effectively.

Create more ideas for video ads

For promotional video ideas, sometimes you won’t come up with good and unique ideas. What you need to do is analyze and refer to new promotional video ideas from the Ad Library.

Download videos from Ad Library and watch them, analyze and compare them with other competitors’ promotional videos. From there build ideas and content that are suitable for the products and services that you are trying to advertise.

Why you need to download Facebook Ad library video

Why you need to download Facebook Ad library video?

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Find advertising music

For promotional videos with good music inserted. It will certainly attract users who are viewing the newsfeed. The important thing here is that those songs are not copyrighted so Facebook permitted them to start advertising. 

When you download a video, you can extract the audio part of the video to use that track or find complete music to start using for your ads. This is handy if you want your ad not to violate Facebook Ads’ policies on audio copyright. Or you can Rent Facebook Agency Ad Account to better ad quality and cannot violate Ad Policy.

Analysis of old ad video content

For promotional videos that no longer appear in the Facebook newsfeed. The main reason is that the advertiser turned off the ad campaign. If you want to watch or analyze those promotional videos, you’ll also need to download them from the Ad Library.

Ad Library is a massive ad repository with a variety of ad types. You can download those videos to analyze the elements of the promotional video. From there draw experiences for your Facebook video ad campaign.

Boost Performance For Facebook Ads Video

For Facebook video ad campaigns. You should use the premium account form for the smoothest and most effective advertising. Currently, GDT Agency provides Facebook Agency Account For Rent.

For agency accounts, it’s extremely easy to have high-quality ad campaigns. There will be no more paused ads, suspended accounts, time-consuming waiting for ad approval, etc. From there, you can optimize your video ads for the highest performance.

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