#5 Steps To Create Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling

Once you know about Facebook Lead Ads, you certainly cannot ignore one of the advertising formats with the highest conversion rate today: Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling. Convenient, fast, effective are the 3 best adjectives to describe this advertising format. Read this content below to learn and start creating Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling.

Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling

Create Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling

Guide On How To Create Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling 

To create Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling, you need to prepare a Facebook Page. Of course, you also need to verify the ad terms and verify the payment card for ad invoices before getting started. Those are the basic steps for Facebook Lead Ads creation.

If you’re certain that the initial steps above have been completed, let’s get it started:

Step 1 – Create an advertising campaign

Access Meta Ads Manager -> Select the green “+ Create” button -> Choose campaign objective: “Leads” -> “Manual leads campaign” -> “Continue”.

Select green Create button

Select green “+ Create” button


Choose Campaign objective Manual leads campaign then select Continue

Choose “Campaign objective”, “Manual leads campaign”, then select “Continue”

Next, you fill in the campaign name, select and name the Ad Set and the Ad:

Fill in the Campaign name name the Ad set and Ad

Fill in the Campaign name, name the Ad set and Ad

Step 2 – Create Lead Ads Form

Scroll down and focus on the “Destination” section,  then select “Create form” in the same section:

create lead ads form

Select “Create form”

Step 3 – Create Facebook Ads Appointment Scheduling Question

Select “Questions”, the drop-down menu will include question options, descriptions, and information spaces so you can start building questions for Lead Ads Form.

Create Appointment Scheduling Questions

Create Appointment Scheduling Questions

Next, select “Add questions” -> “Appointment request”.

Select Add question

Click “Add question”

Select Appoitment request

Select “Appoitment request”

Notice: The suggested appointment schedule from Facebook Ads is from Monday to Sunday, 7am to 10pm. If you want to use this appointment for another time frame, you need to create another optional question for customers to answer.

Step 4 – Complete Lead Ads

You can write down questions related to making an appointment as the image below:

Write down Questions related

Write down Appointment Questions 

The purpose is to stimulate customers to arrange an appointment for your service or get a promotion, so questions need to be understandable, short, and confirmatory.

After creating the set of questions and images of the Form, you can select “Create form” to complete step 4:

Select Create form

Select “Create form”

Step 5 – Run Facebook Lead Ads

The screen returns to the ad goal editing tools. You can also check the Facebook Lead Ads Form again, below:

Check the form again

Check the form again

Once everything is ready, you can select “Publish” to start running Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling.

Select Publish

Select “Publish”

Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling Experience

In the next part of the article, with a subjective perspective, I will share with you some tips while using Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling. If you feel like you need more experience in using this type of advertising, please keep following.

You should create a simple set of questions

Simplicity and convenience are the big advantages of Facebook Lead Ads. But imagine how customers will feel if  they encounter a bad set of questions? They definitely feel like they’re wasting their time learning about your brand. In case the questions are too complicated, they might not know how to handle them.

Create a simple set of questions

Create a simple set of questions

My sincere advice is building an outline for questions in the Lead Ads Form. You also need to consider a few simple answers for multiple-choice questions. Make sure that the customer’s experience while answering questions must be truly comfortable, simple, and fast but don’t forget the important information you need to provide and collect from customers.

If you are looking to run ads for service experience, like Facebook Ads for hair salons, spa services, car washes, appliance repairs, etc. Those require specific appointments to avoid causing customers to wait. Then using Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling is extremely reasonable.

Advertise service experience

Advertise service experience

In this case, in my opinion, I recommend that you create multiple choice questions to make customers gradually feel excited about the service. Sometimes you can also mention valuable promotions to make it attractive and result in positive response from the customers 

For promotional ads, you can choose both Conversion Ads and Lead Ads. But I want to emphasize that Facebook Lead Ads are extremely suitable for advertising limited promotional campaigns. Why?

Advertise promotions for a short time

Advertise promotions for a short time

If you use a set of questions to emphasize the limitation and urgency of the promotion within a certain period, you will create a “regret” effect. Create a limited offer and questions that evoke customer pain points. Make them feel that if they miss out on this promotion, they won’t be able to get a better promotion.

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Compare Lead Ads And Conversion Ads On Facebook 

In the next part of this article, I will compare Lead Ads and Conversion Ads on Facebook. Why is there a comparison between  two different advertising objectives? The purpose is to evaluate these two advertising types for proper usage in specific situations. Let’s go.

Evaluate Facebook Conversion Ads

Since its launch, Facebook Conversion Ads has always been the top choice in generating orders and service registrations. An important reason why this type of advertising has many advantages is that Facebook’s automatic targeting using AI is becoming more and more accurate.

Evaluate Facebook Conversion Ads

Evaluate Facebook Conversion Ads

Facebook spends a ton of money every year to develop AI and advertising tools. It is understandable that conversion advertising always shows effectiveness. Facebook’s automatic targeting capabilities are powerful, so it is suitable for many types of products and services with small and medium-sized businesses.

Evaluate Facebook Lead Ads

I will repeat the three adjectives at the beginning of the article: convenient, fast, effective.

Evaluate Facebook Lead Ads

Evaluate Facebook Lead Ads

About convenience and speed, if you excel at creating questions in the Lead Ads Form, it will make customers feel convenient and save time in registering for promotions or booking appointments. They will feel it was worthy of taking the time to answer the questions in your ad and choose your brand. Especially in the context that this type of ad has been optimized on phones, making it an extremely convenient advertising type for collecting information from customers.

Next is about efficiency. Currently, Facebook Lead Ads are optimized on both desktop and mobile. Therefore, using this type of advertising to find new potential customers is showing many advantages. More specifically, the Appointment Scheduling feature makes service scheduling effective because it saves time while customers experience advertising.

Compare the two advertising types 

I can’t firmly say which type of ad will be better for you. But I’m sure that they are both suitable for you, but it depends on different specific circumstances. To better understand this, read the content below.

Experience when running Lead Ads and Conversion Ads

Experience when running Lead Ads and Conversion Ads

I know Steve B. Majors, he is a flower shop owner in Manila. Currently, Steve is choosing Facebook Agency Ad Account Rent from us. He told me that combining Ad Sets is only suitable for conversion advertising campaigns. When he applied that for running Lead Ads, it didn’t work well.

On the other hand, when advertising appointments and promotions to customers at flower shops, it shows significant effectiveness. He used Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling for the promotional campaign. He built a set of questions related to color and scent so customers could participate in a minigame. That effect stimulates the user experience and collects  customer information and appointments for a flower store visit.

Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling is effective if you want to reach new potential customers. Sometimes customers will feel  frustrated when accessing the landing page from a conversion ad because it contains a lot of confusing information, and the redirection may raise concerns about the safety of the link. On the other hand, if some customer want to access the website for more specific information to verify the reputation of the business or refer to some other types of products and services, then Conversion Ads are the choice. Be confident because the choice is on your hand.


Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling will be truly suitable in specific special circumstances. For the most convenience and effectiveness, carefully read the article. If you have questions about Facebook advertising , you can contact directly the team of advertising experts from GDT Agency:

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