Maximize The Power Of Facebook Ads Geofencing In 2024

Since its launch, Facebook Ads has always been considered by advertisers as one of the most effective paid advertising platforms. Its features are always learned by people to optimize advertising costs, one of which is Facebook Ads Geofencing. To use Geofencing on Facebook most effectively, follow the important content below carefully compiled by me.

Facebook Ads Geofencing

Facebook Ads Geofencing

Instructions For Using Facebook Ads Geofencing

Perhaps many people who use Facebook Ads already know how to use this feature of Facebook Ads. If you don’t know how to use it, let me guide you. 

Create new ad

The first step in the guide is one of the basic steps for you to create a new Facebook Ads campaign. Go to your manager and select “Ad Set” -> Scroll down to the “Object” section and click “Create new” to create a new custom object.

Create new and adjust objects

Create new and adjust objects

Adjust objects

To adjust the advertising target, you need to clearly know the basic demographic information of the audience. Follow the instructions in the image above to enter the subject’s name, gender, and age.

Adjust the geographic location of advertising objects

To use Facebook Ads Geofencing, you have 2 options as shown below:

Option 1 can be to enter the object’s location name, area’s place name,…

Option 2 is to anchor on the map and drag the distance bar to select a specific location and the radius of the ad display range as follows:

Note: You should not let the geographical location be too wide or too narrow, it will cause difficulties and ineffective advertising.

Adjust the geographic location

Adjust the geographic location

Next, you can choose the audience behavior in the specified area. Facebook Ads provides you with the following options, you should carefully read them carefully and choose the most accurate one for your advertising goals.

Specific geofencing

Specific geofencing

People living in or recently in this location: This choice focuses on individuals who either call this area home or have visited it recently. It’s a valuable option for businesses aiming to reach both local residents and tourists.

People living in this location: Opt for this alternative to direct your efforts towards users residing in your specified location. This suits businesses that cater to the immediate community.

People recently in this location: This selection zeroes in on users who have recently spent time in your chosen area but might not necessarily live there. It’s an excellent choice for businesses looking to capture the attention of tourists and temporary visitors.

People traveling in this location: Choose this option to target users who are presently on the move within your designated area. It’s an ideal strategy for businesses serving travelers, such as hotels or tourist attractions.

Enter detailed targeting

In the final step, you need to complete the “Detailed targeting” section which is the specific interests of the people who see your ad. This is an important part that you also need to learn carefully to target most accurately. 

Detailed targeting

Detailed targeting

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Notice When Using Facebook Ads Geofencing

Although geo-targeting is very effective. But to use it properly, please follow my following notes.

Carefully analyze the target audience in the area

For this feature to work most effectively, you need to carefully analyze your target audience in the area. Don’t let your ads target a geographic area that’s too broad or too narrow, as it will cause the ad to malfunction or reduce its effectiveness.

For Facebook Ads Geofencing campaigns to be most effective, you need to own an agency account. What is this? For those who don’t know, an agency account is a premium advertising account Facebook grants to reputable partners in the advertising field. GDT Agency is proud to be one of Facebook’s prestigious partners in the region.

So we have Facebook Agency Account For Rent. This service provides you with premium agency accounts at great prices. This premium account will help keep your campaigns from being interrupted or paused, and your account will no longer encounter situations that cause you to lose time and money.

Features suitable for certain areas

For Facebook Ads Geofencing, many regions will not allow you to target customers for different reasons. This depends on the law and Facebook’s policies. You need to know the information to avoid those areas. Always comply with terms and policies when advertising on Facebook.

Notice when running Facebook Ads Geofencing

Notice when running Facebook Ads Geofencing

Optimize your ads to suit your target area

When using Facebook Ads Geofencing, it ensures that you can display ads in the specified area. But for advertising to be most effective, you always have to optimize its components. You must always ensure that your ads have attractive content, appropriate CTAs, high-quality media files, etc. Only then can you improve the performance of your Facebook Ads Geofencing campaign.

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