3 Simple Ways To Adding Hashtags To TikTok Video For You

Adding Hashtags to TikTok is extremely important if you want your videos to stand out and reach potential audiences that can generate organic conversions. Using Hashtags also helps TikTok read and identify the genre of your video and recommend it to the corresponding audience. If you really don’t know how to add Hashtags to videos on TikTok, follow the entire article.

Adding Hashtags to TikTok Video

Adding Hashtags to TikTok Video

Steps To Adding Hashtags To TikTok Video

The first part of this article will be the basic but very specific steps for you to add Hashtags to TikTok. If you still don’t know how to do this, stay tuned.

The most basic way

The most basic way to add hashtags to TikTok Video is that you need to add it right while posting the video to TikTok. If you don’t understand clearly, you can look at my image below:

Adding Hashtags to Tiktok video here

Adding Hashtags to Tiktok video here

Next, you can type # or click on the # sign on the far right of the “Caption” bar. TikTok will then suggest a series of related hashtags based on the letters you add right after that # sign.

With each letter added after the # sign, TikTok will continue to suggest other hashtags based on the relevance and number of views of the hashtags. You can click on Hashtag to add hashtags to TikTok video. Or simply type the entire hashtag and press space.

Adding hashtags to TikTok after posting

I have received a few requests regarding adding hashtags to TikTok after posting. It’s clear that everyone wants to add or edit videos on TikTok without losing any data.

But now, I have to express my condolences to you that that is not possible. If you want to add hashtags to your TikTok video after posting it, you must delete the video and post it again. And of course, when reposting the video, you must add those hashtags to the caption.

Adding hashtags to TikTok Comment

Adding hashtags to the comments section to highlight important comments is something you can do. You can add new comments or reply to your audience’s comments on TikTok with your popular Hashtags.

Adding hashtags to TikTok Comment

Adding hashtags to TikTok Comment

So does adding hashtags in comments work TikTok? Absolutely possible. But I want you to understand clearly: In fact, addding hashtags to video captions or ad text creates more value than leaving them in the comments section. Simply because TikTok’s algorithm reads hashtags in the caption and recognizes them better.

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How Can I Find Effective TikTok Ads Hashtags?

To find effective TikTok Ad Hashtags, you must know about TikTok Creative Center. This is an extremely useful tool for finding valuable assets to use for advertising or trending videos. To use this tool, you need to access the link:

After that, then, you need to click on “Trends” -> “Hashtags”. The screen below will appear and what you need to do is search and research the data to build suitable Hashtags for advertising.

How can I find effective TikTok Ads Hashtags

How can I find effective TikTok Ads Hashtags?

As you can see, when accessing Creative Center, you can read and learn about Hashtag metrics including rankings, “Posts&Views”, “Trend” charts, “Creators”, “See analytics”. Will helps you clearly understand the indicators of that Hashtag as well as its popularity and prominent creators with the Hashtag. When you click on “See analytics”, you can also clearly know the popular areas of that type of TikTok Hashtag. Or You can even watch the most prominent trending videos with the required Hashtag.

Impact Of Adding Hashtags To TikTok Videos

Impact of adding Hashtags to TikTok Videos

Impact of adding Hashtags to TikTok Videos

Next, I want to analyze the effect of TikTok Hashtag after being added to the video. So that you clearly understand its effects. According to my research, after having a Hashtag in a TikTok video, you can:

  • Increase video visibility: When you use the right hashtags, your videos are more likely to appear in users’ “Explore” and “For You” sections, helping to reach more viewers.
  • Content classification: Hashtags have a special effect in helping your audience find content they are interested in, and if you have the Hashtags they need, they can see your videos by suggestions from TikTok. For example, #game, #travel, #pet #music #housebuilding, etc.
  • Create trends: Popular hashtags can create trends, attract many participants and increase the spread of videos.
  • Increase engagement: Hashtags attract users to interact with your videos by liking, commenting, and sharing.
  • Attract potential customers: Hashtags help you reach users who are likely to be interested in your products or services.
  • Enhance brand awareness: Hashtags help you introduce your brand to more users and increase brand awareness.
  • Analyze marketing campaign effectiveness: Hashtags help you track marketing campaign effectiveness by tracking the number of video views, likes, comments, and shares for each hashtag.


In short, adding hashtags to TikTok videos is extremely important so that TikTok can recognize your videos and suggest them to the right audience. It is also very good for advertising and easily generates organic conversions. If you are actually running TikTok Ads but it is not effective, you can refer to TikTok Agency Account Rent from GDT Agency. Or if you need our help to handle some other serious issues, you can contact GDT Agency directly through the contact I have placed below:

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