How To Use Facebook Ads Library Scraper Tools In 2024?

While using Facebook Ads, you will need help and support tools to learn, analyze, and optimize ads. In today’s article, I will share with you a few best Facebook Ads Library scraper in 2024. They are tools to extract and collect data, from which you can synthesize and analyze advertising samples in the most detail.

facebook ads library scraper tools

Facebook Ads library scraper

Facebook Ads Library Scraper Overview

At the beginning of today’s article, I will share with you basic information about library scraper tools. You need to understand the basics of this tool and some of its most outstanding features.

Facebook Ads Library Scraper overview

Facebook Ads Library Scraper overview

Facebook Ads library scraper tool

Facebook Ads library scraper tool is an effective tool for you to collect data and retrieve ads from the Ad Library. This tool works well if you want to query and analyze ads. It will access the Ad Library and scan ads, then retrieve and save the data you need about Facebook ads. It includes the option to remove ads in bulk and is very time-saving.

Facebook Ads library scraper tool features

If you use this tool, you have the advantage of controlling, storing, and removing a large number of ads. Because these tools use bots to act on multiple ads at once, it is very convenient. Besides, Facebook does not authorize information scanning tools. If you use tools indiscriminately, your account is at risk of being suspended or suspended.

Facebook Ads library scraper tool features

Facebook Ads library scraper tool features

What makes these tools special is that they completely secure your information and ensure you have a certain level of safety when accessing data on related pages of Facebook Ads. In addition to Ad Library, these tools work well on websites or other advertising platforms. In general, there are many options for you to use. For an effective ad, you should refer to the article about guide on how to add agency to Facebook Ad account.

Best Facebook Ads Library Scraper Tools

In the next part of today’s article, I will share with you the best tools. In my opinion, these tools are priced quite high so you can use them for a long time. Please read and review the features carefully before deciding to register an account. You can also combine library scraper tools with Rent Facebook Agency Ad Account for maximize ad metrics.

Bright Data 

In my list of choices, Bright Data is at the top. Bright Data is considered one of the most popular online data platforms globally. They not only provide readily available data but also assist you in building your data collection system, helping you access the Internet and get the data you are interested in easily.

Bright Data homepage

Bright Data homepage

In addition to helping customers get data from Facebook’s advertising library, Bright Data also ensures the safety of your online activities through the use of proxies. 

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If you want to save money but still want a reliable web scraping tool, ParseHub is the right choice. ParseHub offers a free version with basic scanning features. However, to use advanced features, you can choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. ParseHub is not only free but also easy to use, just click and select the data you want to scan, then download the results at your convenience.

Parsehub homepage

Parsehub homepage


Another option for scraping Facebook ads is to use Apify’s Facebook Ads scraping tool. This is a simple and effective way to collect information from Facebook Ads. In particular, it is important to find a proxy server that cannot be detected by Facebook.

Apify homepage

Apify homepage

Use Apify, the tool is fully built and ready to use on the Apify platform or locally. It allows you to collect a lot of important Facebook advertising information such as ad ID, end date, advertiser, and more. You can also filter data based on keywords, country, and even advertisers to meet your specific goals. 


That’s all today’s content from GDT Agency about the best Facebook Ads library scraper tool. In addition, we are providing Facebook advertising account rental services with great features and advantages. Besides, if you have questions about Facebook Ads, immediately contact GDT Agency team of experts to receive the fastest, most accurate answers:

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