How To Recover Deleted Ads In Facebook: Camps, Sets 2024?

The techniques are always important for your advertising on Facebook. One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received recently is “How to recover deleted ads on Facebook?“. In reality, recovering deleted Facebook Ads is quite easy. However, some newcomers to this platform don’t know how to do it. Follow the entire post below to understand how to retrieve ad campaigns/sets that you have deleted in the past.

How to recover deleted ads in Facebook

How to recover deleted ads in Facebook?

How To Recover Deleted Ads In Facebook: Recover Ad Campaigns

In the initial part of this guide, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to recover deleted ads on Facebook, specifically focusing on recovering deleted Facebook Ads Campaigns. Pay close attention to each step and follow along if you need to retrieve Ad Campaigns immediately.

Step 1: Access Ads Manager

Navigate to Ads Manager -> Select “Campaign” -> Choose the “Search and filter” section. You can refer to the image below to follow along:

Step 1 Access Ads Manager

Step 1: Access Ads Manager

Step 2: Locate your deleted ads

A small selection panel will appear; choose “Had delivery” -> Select “Campaign delivery is Active” with a green dot as shown below:

Step 2 Click Had delivery

Step 2: Click “Had delivery”

In the “Campaign delivery” window, choose “is“, and only check the “Deleted” box:

Step 2 Choose Campaign delivery is active

Step 2: ChooseCampaign delivery” is active

Step 2 Tick on Deleted box

Step 2: Tick on “Deleted” box

Step 3: Start editing

After filtering out deleted campaigns, tick the box as shown below -> Click “Edit“:

Step 3 Tick the box

Step 3: Tick the box

Step 3 Click Edit

Step 3: Click “Edit”

Step 4: Recover deleted ads

Next, choose either “Quickly duplicate” or “Duplicate“. This will restore the data of the deleted ads.

Step 4 Duplicate ad sets

Step 4: Duplicate ad sets

Step 5: “Duplicate your campaign” window

In this section, your task is straightforward: tick “Create new campaign” -> Click “Duplicate“:

Step 5 Select Create new campaign then select Duplicate

Step 5: Select “Create new campaign” then select “Duplicate”

Step 6: Check ad components

In the final step, review the ad components. You can make adjustments to certain metrics or audience information to better suit your needs. Once you’ve made any edits or if there are none, select “Publish“:

Step 6 Edit ad set then select Publish

Step 6: Edit ad set then select “Publish”

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How To Recover Deleted Ads In Facebook: Recover Ad Sets

In the second part of this article, I’ll guide you through the specific steps to recover deleted Facebook Ad sets. Rest assured, recovering ad sets is equally important as recovering ad campaigns. So, stay tuned.

Step 1: Locate previously deleted Ad Set

Firstly, select the “Ad sets” window as shown below:

Next, you’ll need to perform actions similar to Step 2 of the “Recover deleted Facebook Ads Campaigns” section. It will look like the image below:

Step 1 Select click ad sets

Step 1: Select ad sets

Step 1 Find deleted Ad Set

Step 1: Find deleted Ad Set

Step 2: Select edit deleted Ad Set

In this step, it differs from recovering Ad Campaigns. You need to tick the Ad Set to be recovered, then choose the pencil icon as shown below:

Step 2 Select edit deleted ad set icon

Step 2: Select edit deleted ad set icon

Step 3: Duplicate Ad Set

Next, you also have two choices: “Quickly duplicate” and “Duplicate” Ad Set:

Step 3 Duplicate deleted ad set

Step 3: Duplicate deleted ad set

Step 4: Edit then click “Publish”

Editing and reviewing the details of the Ad Set is crucial. You need to carefully examine the advertising information and then select the green “Publish” button:

Step 4 Edit then Publish

Step 4: Edit then “Publish”

Notice When Recover Deleted Facebook Ads Campaigns/Sets

During the process of performing the guide on how to recover deleted ads on Facebook, there are several important notes to pay attention to in order to avoid mistakes or misunderstand the steps for ad recovery. Reading additional essential knowledge, such as “Guide On How To Add Agency To Facebook Ad Account In 2024“, will also greatly assist you in your advertising journey by preventing the repetition of serious errors. I have summarized these notes briefly and comprehensibly below:

Understanding Facebook Ads Policies

You need to have a clear understanding of Facebook Ads Policies before attempting to guide on how to recover deleted ads in Facebook. If you don’t comprehend Ads Policy thoroughly, the process of creating new ads is almost futile, as you will still encounter the same account errors as before.

Understanding Facebook Ads Policies

Understanding Facebook Ads Policies

If encountering errors persists during the reinitiation of these ads, you should be aware of an extremely effective method related to ad optimization, ad metrics. It’s the Facebook Agency Account For Rent from us. Using this account is like paying to access the latest advertising features, receiving priority from Facebook, ensuring a smooth experience with Facebook Ads, and avoiding serious issues.

You can’t make a deleted ad work the same way

You cannot make a deleted ad function exactly as it did before. My simple guide involves creating a duplicate of the deleted ad and activating it. If you want the deleted ad to continue functioning as it did before, meaning you want it to continue generating conversions just like before deletion, that is not possible.

You cannot make a deleted ad work the same way

You cannot make a deleted ad work the same way

You can read the content below for a more detailed understanding of this.

Understanding the Learning Phase

Having a clear understanding of the Learning Phase is also crucial if you are looking to recover deleted ads or making changes to existing ad content.

Understanding the Learning Phase

Understanding the Learning Phase

In brief, the Learning Phase is the process where Facebook reads and distributes your ads to the audience. Whether you are recovering ads following my guide or making some edits during the ad recovery, or even modifying active ads, it initiates the Learning Phase anew.

What does that mean? It means you will need to wait for an additional period for Facebook to understand your ad, and it will be similar to the process of waiting for Facebook to distribute a new ad template. It takes time.


I hope that my guidelines on “How to recover deleted ads in Facebook: Camps, Sets 2024?” will help you understand the process of recovering deleted ads from the past. I also hope that the tips at the end of the article can provide you with a clear understanding of how this technique works. If you have any issues or questions regarding your Facebook advertising account, please feel free to contact GDT Agency.

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