Why Is My Account Restrict On Facebook? How To Fix That?

While using Facebook, you must have encountered situations such as restrict on Facebook, Facebook Ads account being restricted, etc. Having a restricted account on Facebook makes you lose time, effort, and even get angry because you don’t know what happens to your account. In this article, let’s learn specifically about account restriction on Facebook, why this situation occurs and how to fix it.

my account restrict on Facebook

Why is my account restrict on Facebook?

What Is Restrict On Facebook?

So, what does restriction on Facebook mean? The status of a Facebook account or Facebook Ads account being restricted is a penalty that Facebook gives you when Facebook discovers that you have violated their terms and principles or have engaged in suspicious behavior on the platform.

What is restrict on Facebook

What is restrict on Facebook?

To deeply understand what does restrict on Facebook mean, you must understand Facebook Policy and Community Standards first. If you are advertising on this platform, you need to understand these terms more than ever. These terms help make the interactive environment on Facebook healthy and transparent. It also helps users see appropriate content, limiting harmful, sensitive, violent content, etc. I will analyze this in detail later in the article.

Why Is My Facebook Account Restrict On Facebook?

In the next part of the article, I will explain the reasons, helping you answer the question of why is my Facebook account restricted. I will also clearly explain the levels of violations and penalties from Facebook so you can clearly understand restrict on Facebook.

Violate Community Standards

Violating Facebook’s Community Standards is something Facebook certainly won’t tolerate. Depending on the severity of the problem, Facebook will consider penalties from light to severe. To learn specifically about Community Standards so as not to violate them while using Facebook and Facebook Ads, you need to refer to the content in this link:

Violate Community Standards

Violate Community Standards

Ignore reminders from Facebook

When you violate the Community Standards for the first time, you ad account can be restrict on Facebook, you’ll likely only have your content removed or restricted for 2 or 3 days. However, if you still ignore these reminders and continue to violate them, the situation of your account being restricted will continue to get even worse. It could be a restriction for a long time or a permanent account suspension.

Ignore reminders from Facebook

Ignore reminders from Facebook

You must clearly understand that Facebook will only restrict your account in case you have violated the terms on this platform. Depending on the severity of the problem, Facebook will consider whether the period of time your account is restricted will be short-term or long-term.

Privacy violation

This often happens when you use Facebook to advertise products/services, your ad account might be restrict on Facebook. Previously, Facebook was not too strict on this issue, but now, if you use an individual’s image or reveal specific personal information of that individual, you will be banned from Facebook. account restrictions.

Privacy violation

Privacy violation

Our customer – Mrs. Thuy Trang is using Facebook Ads and use Facebook Agency Account Rent from us to advertise her beauty salon service, which has been operating very effectively on this platform since December 2021. But by February of this year, Facebook stricter management has made advertising more difficult. She was unable to use her patient images as advertising media files because Facebook would immediately restrict the account and consider this behavior a violation of privacy. So please pay attention to this.

The account is exhibiting suspicious behavior

Facebook will also consider restricting accounts with suspicious behavior on the platform. Suspicious activities can come from subjective or objective reasons. Those behaviors could be: a sudden increase in the number of Add Friend Requests, detecting many different login locations, or detecting a large number of strange links and multiple redirects,…

Exhibiting suspicious behavior

Exhibiting suspicious behavior

No matter what the behavior is, or whether it is your objective action, your account will be restricted by Facebook. In this case, you sometimes won’t understand where the reason comes from, you wonder how long does FB restriction last? I would like to answer: You will have your account restricted by Facebook for a long time and it is uncertain when you will get your account back. In case you are sure it is not caused by you, you need to contact Facebook’s support team to explain the reason and hear them give a solution.

Copyright infringement with big brands

Using images containing big brands is also one of the situations that causes your Facebook account to be limited and often appears in accounts running ads. When you use images from big brands or your ad contains logos of big brands, you have been blacklisted by Facebook and may receive a penalty.

Copyright infringement with big brands

Copyright infringement with big brands

For example, you are advertising big brand shoes like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, etc. In groups on Facebook, this will also be reviewed by Facebook and accounts will be limited. In my opinion, it is best for you to find other ways to advertise your products and services that do not contain logos or images of big brands. Try to create your own exclusive content that is not related to famous brands.

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How To Remove Restrict On Facebook?

In the next part of the article, I will guide you specifically step-by-step to remove restrict on Facebook. These are the steps for you to report the problem to Facebook and ask them to check your account status. If you did not intentionally cause this, Facebook will consider returning your Facebook account and you can operate normally again on this platform.

Step 1: Access Facebook

First, you need to access your Facebook account, click on the circle containing your Facebook avatar in the top right corner -> Click on “Help & support” -> Click “Report a problem”.

step 1 2

Access Facebook

step 1 Click Report a problem

Click “Report a problem”

Step 2: “Give Feedback to Facebook” menu

The “Give Feedback to Facebook” menu appears as shown below, click the “Something went wrong” button -> Click “Include in Report”.

step 2 Click Something went wrong

Click “Something went wrong”

step 2 Click Include in report

Click “Include in report”

Step 3: Complete the Feedback form

Click “Choose an area” section which is the type of problem you are facing on Facebook. 

step 3 Choose an area

Click “Choose an area”

Next, you can write down a description of the account restriction issue you are experiencing in the “Details” section. Then you can then upload a screenshot or screen recording that proves that you didn’t mean to have your account restricted.

step 3 Complete feedback form

Complete feedback form

Once you’re sure everything is done, click the blue “Submit” button to send the application to Facebook.


The problem of account restrict on Facebook will make you crazy and waste a lot of time and effort if you do not clearly understand the cause and how to fix it. I hope that after this article, you can clearly understand this situation. You can also follow my instructions to report to Facebook about the restricted account status and remove the restriction. If you have questions about your Facebook advertising account and need answers, contact us immediately:

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