Specific Steps To Target Facebook Groups With Ads 2024

While using Facebook Ads, have you ever wondered “Can I target Facebook Groups with ads?” Simply put, in Facebook Groups, the number of people in need of a specific service/product is very large. However, targeting Facebook groups with ads can sometimes be difficult because groups have their own terms that do not allow you to post or advertise on them. In today’s article, I will specifically guide on how to target a Facebook groups with Facebook ads. Let’s get it started.

Target Facebook Groups with ads

Target Facebook Groups with ads

Specific Steps To Target Facebook Groups With Ads

At the beginning of this article, I will show you specific steps to target Facebook groups with ads. Some tips for you to bring your ads to customers with demographics and interests in Facebook groups.

Create video then share it with groups 

This is the first step of targeting across groups. You should use videos related to your brand, but they should be videos that do not contain advertising content. The important thing here is for your viewers to feel attracted and you can attract people interested in your brand videos. You will start posting videos that are easy-to-watch content that is highly entertaining, viral, fun,…

Create video then share it with groups

Create video then share it with groups

For some groups that do not allow you to post videos, you can choose to post on the Page and share with the groups. The goal of these actions is to attract viewers and get initial information from people in those groups.

Create Ads campaigns target that audiences

Next, go to the Meta Ads Manager to target ads. This target is the people who watch the videos you post or share in groups, and these are the audiences you want to reach.

To do this, follow my visual instructions:

Step 1: Access Ads Manager, then select “Audiences”.

Click Audiences

Click “Audiences”

Step 2: Select “Create a Custom Audience” -> Select Meta Sources: “Video” -> Then click “Next”.

Click Create a Custom audience then click Video and Next

Click “Create a Custom audience” then click “Video” and “Next”

Step 3: The “Create a video engagement custom audience” window appears. What you need to do is click on the “Choose a content type” box -> Select one of the “Engagement” options (depending on the level of interaction of the audience in Facebook Groups with your video)

Choose a content type

Choose “Engagement” options

Step 4: Click “Choose videos” to find videos in Facebook Groups that you have posted before.

Click Choose videos

Click “Choose videos”

Step 5: In the “Video sources” section, select “Facebook page”. Next, in the “Facebook page” section, select the Page where you shared the video to Facebook Groups.

Choose Facebook Page

Choose “Facebook Page”

Step 6: Fill in the “Audience Name” field -> Click “Create audience” to complete the steps to target Facebook Groups with ads.

Audience name then click audience

Fill in the “Audience name” field then click “Create audience”

You should select audiences with higher interest in your brand, based on their video viewing time. If they feel your brand is familiar, and your video content is engaging, that’s a good sign, and those people will be more likely to act on your ad.

Note when using ads to target Facebook Groups 

The bonus part if you want to get new customers. In this part, what you need to do is learn more about the interests of customers in Facebook groups. They may not be in that Facebook group but have similar interests.

Note when targeting Facebook Groups with ads

Note when targeting Facebook Groups with ads

This is an important point that you need to pay attention to if you want to get new viewers and buyers. For example, coders and office workers have a hobby of decorating their desks. They are not in decorative buying and selling groups but clearly have interests related to these products. What you need to do is target people with similar interests to the groups you have been targeting before, thereby gaining new customers.


Another Method To Target Facebook Groups

Next, I’ll show you another method that doesn’t use the Facebook Ads toolkit and can still target groups on Facebook. You can refer to the tool below:

Introducing the Lead Enforce tool

This website gives you a great tool to be able to target Facebook groups. Lead Enforce is unique compared to other 3rd party tools with some special offers and user-friendly interface.

Lead Enforce homepage

Lead Enforce homepage

When using Lead Enforce, you can directly extract data and information from audiences on Facebook Groups without using Facebook Ads. This gives you convenience and speed in operations because sometimes you are not sure that the videos you post on Facebook Groups are interactive. In certain cases, this tool can find accurate information from Fanpage followers. This gives you more options for targeting on Facebook.

Instructions for using Lead Enforce

To use this tool, follow my instructions below:

Step 1: You need to go to Lead Enforce to register an account. It will also take about 24 hours to register so please register early to use it.

Register an account

Register an account

Step 2: After registering your account, you can start using Lead Enforce to target groups on Facebook. First, click the “Create new” button as shown below:

Click Create New

Click “Create New”

Step 3: Next, fill in “Source name” field and select Source type: “Facebook”. Then select “Add sources”.

Source name choose source type then click Add sources button

Fill in “Source name” field, choose Facebook source type then click “Add sources” button

Step 4: Visit Facebook, find the groups that you want to target Facebook groups with ads and copy the link of that Facebook group.

Copy link of the group

Copy link of the group

Paste it into the “Links” field. Then select the green “Add” button as shown below:

Paste the link

Paste the link

Step 5: Select the yellow “Analyzing” button and wait for the tool to start analyzing data. It will take some time to collect customer information from Facebook Groups.

Click Start analyzing

Click “Start analyzing”

Step 6: When the analysis is complete, you can click the “Share” button to get user information.

Click Share

Click “Share”

Step 7: Click “Marketing” -> “Integrations”. Next a window appears, what you need to do is continue to click “Continue as…” -> Click “Add Ad Accounts”.

Click Marketing Integrations

Click “Marketing -> Integrations”

Click Continue as then Add Ad Account

Click “Continue as…” then “Add Ad Account”

Step 8: Click “Select Ad Account” -> Tick “Accept the terms” -> Click “Save”. And so you have obtained information from the audience in the Facebook group to serve targeting while advertising.

Click Select Ad Account then Tick Accept the terms then Save

Last step

Some notes when using Lead Enforce

This tool is free for users during the initial period of operation, specifically in the first 7 days. Of course, if you want to use all the features for a long time, you need to pay another amount each month. This tool offers monthly service packages with prices of $299, $239, $209, $179 respectively depending on the features you want to use. Currently, I’m using the $239 plan and am extremely satisfied with the experience. Of course, I also combine it with the use of Agency Ad Account For Rent to achieve the highest efficiency. I recommend using a combination of rented accounts from us for the best targeting and advertising results.

Some notes when using Lead Enforce

Some notes when using Lead Enforce

However, if you feel that this service package is too expensive compared to the amount of money you can spend on a targeting tool, you can sign up with many others to use it together. In short, at this price, you should consider it if you want to use it for a long time.

Why Target Facebook Groups With Ads Is Important?

In the next part of this article, I will share with you a better understanding of why you should target Facebook groups with ads. Some experiences when advertising specific products are also shared in the content below.

Having difficulty in customer research

In the process of using Facebook Ads, you will certainly encounter certain difficulties in finding information about target customers. Sometimes it’s because your product creates new needs and it’s not yet available in the Facebook Ads toolkit.  

Having difficulty in customer research

Having difficulty in customer research

For the above reason, you need to use new methods to find information from groups on Facebook. For Facebook groups, they have good engagement for many products/services and may also include the product or service you are advertising.

Many active people in Facebook Groups

For groups and communities on Facebook, this is one of the places where a large number of people gather who are interested in a specific product or service. If you can target well, it is understandable that you have effective advertising.

Many active people in Facebook Groups

Many active people in Facebook Groups

Not only customers who have watched your videos will be interested in your brand. New customers will also access videos because online interaction in groups is very high. They often tag friends or share on their personal pages if the content is good. That’s also a way for you to get new ad views.

Easy to advertise specific products and services

I have used Facebook Ads to automatically target products for office decorations and mechanical keyboards. This is sometimes a waste of budget because we encounter customers who cancel orders or refuse consultation. However, when advertising in a way that targets groups related to custom mechanical keyboards and office furniture, this has been improved.

Easy to advertise specific products and services

Easy to advertise specific products and services

In short, if you want to advertise on Facebook for specific products or services and there are Facebook groups talking about it, you should target Facebook Groups. It will bring you quality customers.


That’s all the content that I wants to share with you about target Facebook Groups with ads. If you really want to learn about new knowledge related to paid advertising on Facebook, please refer to Facebook Ads Blog. If during the process of using Facebook Ads Account, you encounter difficult problems, contact GDT Agency immediately to receive timely support:

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