How To Turn Ads Off On TikTok? Simple Steps For You

Managing the performance of ads on TikTok is very important, and so is understanding how to turn ads off on TikTok. If you are still confused about how to turn off/on and delete ads or don’t understand when you need to turn off ads, follow my article, I will answer all related questions. to turn off/on ads on TikTok Ads Manager.

how to turn ads off on TikTok

How to turn ads off on TikTok?

How To Turn Ads Off On TikTok?

Below are specific instructions (including illustrations) for you to follow and turn off/on or remove ads on TikTok. Because I don’t want to waste your time, let’s get to the steps to turn ads off on TikTok.

Steps to turn ads off on TikTok

Turning off ads is extremely simple. First, you must access TikTok Ads Manager via the link:

The screen below appears, what you need to do next is click “Campaign” -> Click on the small black icon with a tick mark as shown below (for launching ads).

Steps to turn ads off on TikTok

Steps to turn ads off on TikTok

Step to turn ads on

To turn on ads, it is quite similar to the steps to turn off, but you need to determine which ads are turned off and need to be turned on. To give you a closer look, look at the description in the illustration below:

Step to turn ads on

Steps to turn ads on

And those are the two basic steps to turn off/on ads on TikTok. The next content section will mention an operation that is also very important to the campaign, which is removing ads on TikTok.

Steps to delete ads on TikTok

To remove ads on TikTok, you still need to process it in the “Campaign” section. As for deleting ads, you need to consider carefully because this is a permanent ad deletion operation and there is currently no way to restore deleted ads on TikTok Ads.

To remove ads on TikTok, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select the ad you want to delete

You need to tick the box of the advertising campaign you want to delete as shown in the image above. After selection, that box will display a white tick in the black box. You can also select multiple ads to delete at the same time.

Tick the box

Tick the box

Step 2: Click “Edit” -> “Delete”

In this step, your job is quite simple, you just need to click “Edit” -> “Delete”.

click edit delete

Click “Edit” -> “Delete”

After that, a window will appear asking you to confirm removing the ad. And I will remind you again that you cannot restore deleted ads on TikTok. If you are sure to delete the ad, click “Confirm”.

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When Do You Need To Turn Off Ads On TikTok?

After understand the guide on how to turn ads off on TikTok, you must know some reason to do it. Surely there have been many times when you didn’t understand clearly and didn’t know if your ads should be turned on or off. If you are still feeling confused about it, continue reading the following content.

Advertising is not effective

Usually, ineffective advertising can be caused by many reasons. It’s possible that you have targeted the wrong target, choosing Ad Objective or Ad Format that is not really suitable for the product/service. Or sometimes it’s because your content isn’t standing out to your audience. Then you should do the guide on how to turn ads off on TikTok ads.

advertising is not effective

Advertising is not effective

But if these problems will still appear in the future, then you need a more specific and precise solution. I suggest you check out TikTok Agency Account Rent from GDT Agency. This is a high-end account type trusted by professional advertisers. For premium account rental services, you will certainly receive solutions and priorities to help you advertise effectively. Those advantages include:

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Advertising suddenly costs too much

Your ads will sometimes have spikes in CPC, CPM, and bids. It will directly affect your advertising costs and budget. If this happens, you need to turn off such ads immediately.

Advertising suddenly costs too much

Advertising suddenly costs too much

Sometimes, these problems will occur unexpectedly. So how to handle this situation without affecting the final results of the campaign? This depends on how carefully you track and measure your ads.

Measuring, tracking and optimizing ads is something I want you to pay attention to and do it together. It is imperative that you do it and understand tools like TikTok Analytics.

Ads appear unusual

Serious problems can come to you at any time. In the process of running TikTok Ads and optimizing ads, in addition to ineffective running and high costs, you may encounter some other serious advertising errors. It could be an interrupted ad or an unapproved ad.

Ads appear unusual

Ads appear unusual

You may even unintentionally or unintentionally cause these errors. However, the fact that these errors happen often (or just sometimes) still drives you crazy and causes you to spend too much time dealing with them. Turning off ads is the fastest way to handle that situation. However, if you really want to understand these things to handle them properly, you can contact GDT Agency. Our team of advertising experts is always ready to assist you.

Wrap Up

I hope that this article with the topic “How To Turn Ads Off On TikTok? Simple Steps For You” will help you understand the specific steps to turn off or even delete ads on TikTok Ads Manager. Basically, these operations are quite simple and do not take up too much of your time. However, you need to clearly understand why and when you should remove TikTok ads. If you are really having difficulties directly related to advertising effectiveness on TikTok. Please contact GDT Agency immediately, online marketing experts have specific solutions for you.

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