Guide On How To Post Babysitting Ad On Facebook In 2024

As for babysitting, if you’ve learned about potential parents in your area, you’ll want to know how to post babysitting ad on Facebook to reach parents who have little childs. For babysitting, if you’ve researched potential parents in your area, you’ll want to get your ad in front of them. If you own a babysitting service and really want your babysitting service to get more reach and sign-ups, read this entire article. In this article, I will show you how to run babysitting ad. Use Facebook Ads to advertise babysitting services.

post babysitting ad on Facebook

How to post babysitting ad on Facebook?

Initial Steps To Post Babysitting Ads On Facebook

To be able to advertise babysitting services, you need to follow the specific instructions right below. It includes basic to in-depth instructions so you can start effectively advertising your babysitting services on Facebook.

Create babysitting Facebook Page and maintain interaction

The first step on this path requires a Facebook account. Infuse life into your page by bestowing upon it the name of the brand you aim to nurture. Should the need arise for design elements such as a logo, header image, or other visual components, you can create them yourself using simple image editing software tools.

Create baby sitting Facebook Page

Create baby sitting Facebook Page

Next, you need to maintain posts related to children’s education or a few entertaining posts with pleasant topics to make parents of children feel attracted to your service. In this section, I prioritize the use of incentives to attract more visits and organic conversions. When you have planned the content on Fanpage. You can confidently start with a plan for advertising content based on the content on Fanpage.

Maintaining posts on your Facebook Page is an important thing that you should not ignore. It not only helps you have cheaper advertising bids and create organic conversions, but also helps you understand what parents want from your babysitting service. You can also get demographic information for targeting, which I’ll share later.

Create a Facebook Ads Account

What you need to do next is create an advertising account on this platform. At this step, you can access Facebook Ads Manager to get started. But in my opinion, you should refer to the Facebook Agency Ad Account for rent service. If you are wondering “What is Facebook Agency Ad account? Why I must use it?”. The answer is this: Agency Ad Account contains distinct advantages that can completely make you surpass your competitors.

Create a Facebook Ads account

Create a Facebook Ads account

Talking more about this type of account, it has features related to bid optimization, budget optimization, priorities in reviewing advertising content, convenient payments, etc. All of this will help you advertise your babysitting service extremely easily and effectively.

Research parents who have litter childs in your area

To learn about customers who need babysitting services, you should focus on using Facebook test ads to find customers in your area. Sometimes parents who need babysitting will have their own questions about your service, what you need to do is create attractive content and create interactive ads aimed at them.

Research parents

Research parents

You can create a survey and post it to Facebook Groups in your area. You can also create an entertaining video related to this type of service for parents of young children to see. The important thing is that it needs to attract many people so you can save their information and serve it for future advertising. More specifically, if you can find many potential customers in the group, you can also target Facebook Groups with ads.

Guide On How To Post Babysitting Ad On Facebook

A credit or debit card is essential for account initiation. Rest assured, you’ll only be charged for the ads that grace your campaigns. Precisely, the billing is tailored to instances when individuals click on your ads and find themselves directed to your website.

Next, I want you to pay attention to two types of ad objectives that are extremely suitable for advertising babysitting services: Facebook Lead Ads and Conversion Ads. Especially Facebook Lead Ads Appointment Scheduling which I shared in a previous article, you can read it to understand how it works. For the remaining advertising goals, I’ll show you how you can get started:

Step 1: Access Meta Ads Manager

Access Meta Ads Manager, the menu below appears and you just need to press the green “+ Create” button.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2: Choose a campaign objectives

Another menu will appear allowing you to choose Ad Objectives, and tick the “Sales” box. Here, Facebook gives you 2 options for Campaign Setup.

Step 2 Tick the Sales box

Step 2: Tick the “Sales” box

For those who are new to Facebook Ads and want to save time, you should choose “Advantage+ shopping campaign”. If you want to monitor regularly to optimize advertising, you should choose “Manual sales campaign”. I will explain these two options clearly later in the article. Currently, I prioritize using “Manual sales campaign” so I will continue with this option.

Step 2 Choose targeting options

Step 2: Choose targeting options

Step 3: Name the Campaign and choose Payment method

In this step, you need to name the campaign and choose a payment method as shown below, then select “Next”:

step 3

Step 3: Name the Campaign and choose payment method

Step 4: Name the Ad Set and Create Pixel

Next, you name the Ad Set -> select “Conversion location”, which can be options like in the image below such as “Website”, “Website and app”, “Calls”,… If you have a unique website or landing page, choosing “Website” will make sense. Then you must create Facebook Pixel to measure conversions later: 

step 4

Step 4: Name the Ad Set and Create Pixel

Step 5: Budget & Schedule

Scroll down, you will see the “Budget & schedule” menu. This is where you set the budget for your Conversion Ads campaign. It has many options including “Daily budget”, “Lifetime budget” options so you can set the start and end time of the campaign:

step 5

Step 5: Budget & schedule

Step 6: Audience settings

Next is the “Audience” menu, which includes options so you can target specific customizations. In the “Create new audience” section, you can enter keywords related to babysitting services such as: “Nursery”, “Nanny”, “Parents”, etc.

Step 6 Audience settings

Step 6: Audience settings

In step 6, pay attention to the “Locations” section as well. If your babysitting service is already present in many countries, you have many opportunities to target many countries. But if you only care about customers in your area, pay attention to the radius when choosing “Drop pin”.

In your first campaigns, I recommend setting a low budget with a wide target radius to find out information about customers interested in your services. Once you understand the customers in your area, you can create high-budget campaigns and narrow your targeting. For example, in the case shown in the image above, I am only interested in customers living in Berlin within a 10-mile radius.

Next, you can choose the age and gender of your audience based on the information you found out in advance.

Step 7: Choose Ad Placement

Select Ad Placement. The next menu asks you to choose the ad display location. Currently, Facebook integrates ad display positions on Instagram, so you should be careful in choosing display positions. Here, you also have 2 options: automatic setup or manual setup, I will explain this part in detail later in the article. I’m used to the manual setup option so let’s continue with that:

Step 7 Choose Ad Placement

Step 7: Choose Ad Placement

When selecting “Manual placements”, Facebook asks you to choose the following options:

  • “Platforms”: the platform you want to display ads on, it can be the ad display network of Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger.
  • “Placements”: The location where you want your ads to display: “Newsfeed”, “Stories and Reels”, “Search Results”, “In-stream ads for videos and reels”, “App and sites”. Currently, it is common to display ads on “Newsfeed” or “Stories and Reels”.

Step 8: Ad Preview and Publish

The last menu in this section is “Ad creative” and “Tracking”, in this section, you upload advertising content such as images or videos, next, you can select “Primary text”, “Headline”, “Description”, “Display link”. You can also choose to install Facebook Pixel to monitor, measure, and optimize advertising. In my opinion, you need to learn the anatomy of a Facebook Ad to clearly understand the components and criteria for creating good-performing advertising components.

Step 8 Ad Preview and Publish

Step 8: Ad Preview and Publish

You can also see that the image on the right is the Ad Preview version so you can review the Ad Copy before publishing using the “Publish” button.

Notice When Running Conversion Ads For Babysitting Service

In the next part of the article, I will clearly analyze some of the options in the process of posting lead ads for babysitting services on Facebook. The goal is to help you understand each step of the process of manually setting up a conversion ad campaign for your babysitting service.

“Manual sales campaign”/”Advantage+ shopping campaign” options

“Advantage+ shopping campaign” is Facebook’s automatic targeting option using AI. Although in recent updates, AI has proven quite smart in targeting audiences accurately and also bringing a few conversions for advertisers. But according to my customers, this is still not the right time to use automatic targeting.

Target options

Target options

According to Mr. Nurom JJ – one of our customers who is advertising for a babysitting service in a small city in the Philippines, using this tool can sometimes be frustrating because it is difficult to optimize advertising. Customize your ad preferences. He re-optimized the auto-targeted ad about 2-3 times but it wasn’t really effective.

Using Agency Ad Account For Rent from GDT Agency combined with the specific “Manual sales campaign” custom targeting option, he also got some advice from me, he set up 6 more conversion advertising and improved nearly 42% in the number of customers registering for this service in last October.

Facebook Ads Geofencing

When using Facebook Ads Geofencing, you can target based on the geographic location of your audience, and select an area radius to adjust the number of audiences exposed to your ads. When using this tool, keep in mind that if you want to target a country other than the one you’re operating in, you’ll need to do some special tricks or choose a different region than the default one. defined in Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Geofencing

Facebook Ads Geofencing

You can also target multiple locations within the same advertising campaign to find new customers. However, please note that targeting too broadly will sometimes make it difficult to create conversion orders. Pay attention to finding out demographic information and interests before starting to use Geotargeting.

Ads Placements

While choosing where to display ads, you need to understand the types of devices on which ads are currently displayed, these can be phones or computers, and each type of device has a different operating system. makes the display diverse and difficult to control. However, what you need to do is refer to similar advertising content on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and summarize the advertising positions that are suitable for the advertising content you intend to use.

Ads Placements

Ads Placements

Experience When Advertising Babysitting Services On Facebook

Here are some very simple experiences using Facebook ads for babysitting services. Please read carefully to gain more experience when advertising this type of service on Facebook. It can also help you better understand how to engage customers with this service.

Entice customers with content

As I said at the beginning of the article, maintaining Facebook Page posts is important and there are many benefits to doing this. To have new advertising content ideas or new content on Fanpage, you need to take the time to learn about current trending content, or refer to competitors’ content to understand about it. how they convey advertising information to customers.

Entice customers with content

Entice customers with content

It is important that you skillfully integrate advertising content into media files. You need to really make the advertising content appear randomly and reasonably to make your customers feel that your content is really attractive, gradually making them understand the service information clearly. and show them ads so they can generate conversions. Everything needs to be reasonable to attract potential parents who need babysitting services. You can also use Facebook Ads Bot to to create timely dialogue in situations where customers click on your message ads.

Build a user-friendly babysitting website/landing page 

A website/landing page serves as the portal where your Facebook ads direct inquisitive souls. Enrich the user experience by employing third-party tools to fashion a streamlined one-page website. What I want to emphasize here is that you need to pay attention to the user-friendliness of the landing page/website on all devices. 

Build a babysitting website landing page

Build a babysitting website/landing page

When you have a landing page filled with information (including an easy-to-understand service registration form), you have a big advantage already. What is that advantage? That is, you can make the children’s parents feel comfortable when reading information about your services. At the same time, they also feel secure when they are experiencing a website with transparent information.

Nurture your landing page or website with the following essential components:

  • An engaging introduction that reflects your essence 
  • Comprehensive insights into the services you offer 
  • Contact information
  • Providing multiple avenues for engagement is the golden rule. A phone number, contact form, and email constitute the trifecta of communication tools every site should wield.

Make a perfect Advertisement Video to introduce your service

Dive into the realm of video ads, a dynamic tool for maximizing your presence on Facebook. These ads are renowned for offering the most cost-effective cost per click on the platform. Remarkably, a simple selfie video serves as your enchanting medium.

Make a perfect advertisement video

Make a perfect advertisement video

Your video ad should build a tale encompassing:

  • An intro to your persona
  • The motivation behind your babysitting journey
  • A portrayal of the services you extend
  • A compelling call to action, urging viewers to delve deeper into your website
  • By orchestrating a script that flawlessly incorporates these core aspects, you’re effectively conveying the spectrum of services you bring to the table.

Monitor, measure, and optimize advertising

As I shared above, you can use Facebook Pixel to track, measure, and optimize ads. This is a short piece of code that Facebook Ads provides advertisers to install on their website or landing page and start tracking conversions and customer behavior on the website. Why do you need it? Because tracking customer behavior will help you clearly understand where you are doing well and where you are not doing well, thereby improving and optimizing advertising components (including website and landing page).

Monitor measure and optimize advertising

Monitor, measure and optimize advertising

You need to regularly monitor the advertising status to promptly take remedial measures. Sometimes ads will misbehave for reasons unknown to you, but if you don’t handle them promptly, your ads can spend your entire budget without generating any conversions. happen. What I mean is, that you need to closely monitor advertising status and activities regularly to optimize advertising on time.


Above is all the content about how to post babysitting ad on Facebook. To be able to start running conversion campaigns to increase the number of customers signing up to use babysitting services, you need to carefully read the above content in combination with the process of using Facebook Ads, monitoring, measuring, and optimizing ads regularly. If you have difficulty optimizing Facebook Ads, or encounter unexpected problems related to your advertising account, please contact GDT Agency to receive timely help from advertising experts:

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