How To Set Up A Google Ads Account? Set Up With Simple Steps

How to set up a Google Ads account? This guide provides a professional and straightforward approach to creating your Google Ads account. From beginners to experienced advertisers, follow these essential steps for a successful setup.

How to set up a Google Ads account

How to set up a Google Ads account?

Learn How To Set Up A Google Ads Account 

Creating a Google Ads account is very simple even for newbies. You just need to follow our easy simple steps. However, preparing some necessary things for effective Google advertising campaigns is something to consider. Here is my specific guide.

Prepare a few things before setting up Google Ads

Before starting the steps of guide on how to set up a Google Ads account. There are some things you need to prepare in advance, as Google Ads requires some information to make the ad campaign run as smoothly as possible.

First, you need a Google account, more precisely a Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, create one.

Next, you must have a website or landing page, which is the customer’s destination if the customer clicks on your ad.

You have to make sure that the website is running smoothly, so that all the touch points of the business with the customer are coherent, making the customer feel comfortable.

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Set up a Google Ads account 

Step 1: You visit the page to sign up or sign in to Google account ads settings. Click the blue “Start now” button.

Step 1 Click Start now

Step 1: Click “Start now”

Step 2: Enter your Google account and password (Gmail) in the blank.

Step 2 Enter Google Account

Step 2: Enter Google Account

Step 3: The screen below appears and you can start setting up your first Google Ad campaign. That all of the guide on how to set up a Google Ads account.

Step 3 Start setting up

Step 3: Start setting up

Some Google Advertising Terms

After you create and done the guide on how to set up a Google Ads account. There are a few things you need to understand before setting up advertising on this platform. Here are some concepts you need to know.

Some Google Ads terms

Some Google Ads terms

Impressions and clicks

  • This data indicates the number of times your ads have been displayed on Google or the Google Display Network. Each display is counted as one impression.
  • A click is recorded whenever someone clicks on a link in your ad.

Cost and average CPC

  • Cost shows the amount you have spent on a campaign. If you are viewing performance for all campaigns, the data reflects the total amount spent across all campaigns.
  • Average CPC is the average amount you have been charged for each click in a campaign. It is calculated as Cost / Clicks = Average CPC.

Conversions and conversion rate

  • Conversions occur when someone completes an action that you consider important. This could be a sale, email sign-up, or adding items to the cart.
  • The conversion rate measures the percentage of a group of people who led to a conversion. It is one of the most crucial factors to monitor when creating successful ad campaigns. This rate also give you necessary information to optimize ad costs and measure effectiveness. So you must carefully learn about it and daily monitoring for better ads. 


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