What Is A Google Ads Manager Account? 5 Steps To Create It

In the realm of digital advertising, managing multiple Google Ads accounts efficiently is a paramount challenge. If you’ve ever wondered about “What is a Google Ads Manager Account?” and how to create it seamlessly, fear not! Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, empowering you to harness the full potential of your advertising endeavors. 

What is a Google Ads Manager Account

What is a Google Ads Manager Account?

What Is A Google Ads Manager Account?

In the first part of the article, I will share some definition of “What is a Google Ads Manager account?”, and how to create and add child accounts for a manager account.

Google Ads Account Manager is also abbreviated as MCC or Manager Accounts. This account has permission to view, control, and manage multiple Google Ads accounts. It can also control Personal Accounts, Business Accounts, and other MCC. Through this article, we want to show you how to create a manager account in the easiest and free.

How To Create A Google Ads Manager Account?

Step 1: Visit the following link to access the Google Ads Manager homepage:

The screen below appears, click “Go to Manager Accounts

step 1 Access the Google Ads Manager homepage

Access the Google Ads Manager homepage

Step 2: You need to log in to a Google account, if you are not sure how to create a Google account, please refer to the content of this article.

step 2 Log in

Log in

Step 3: After selecting a Google account, all you need to do is enter all the information in the fields on the next screen, including the account name, region, time zone, currency.

step 3 Enter all the information

Enter all the information

Step 4: By this step, you have created a Google Ads Manager Account (MCC). You click “Explore your account” to complete.

step 4 Click Explore your account

Click “Explore your account”

How to add another account to the MCC account?

To add a personal account to your MCC Google Ads account, follow the steps below in turn:

Step 1: Visit the Google Ads homepage. The screen below will appear

Step 1 and 2

Step 1 and 2

Step 2: Click in turn on the items “Settings” -> “Sub-account settings” -> Blue “+” icon as shown above.

Step 3: Click on “Link an existing account”.

step 3 Link an existing account

“Link an existing account”

Step 4: The screen below appears, enter the Google Ads ID of the child account and select “Send request“.

step 4 Send request

“Send request”

Step 5: Go to the Gmail of the sub-account and confirm the invitation. So it’s done.

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Optimize Google Advertising Features 

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Features of MCC Google Ads

After read above content about what is Google Ads Manager account, you need to learn about feature of it. For the content below, I would like to share the features that MCC Google Ads possesses. Surely there will be some useful features that you cannot ignore.

Manage multiple accounts and campaigns 

For MCC, users can easily change the daily advertising budget, or also pause multiple campaigns. MCC Google Ads also helps you create automatic rules, arrange accounts most scientifically.

Monitor campaign activity

By controlling multiple Google Ads accounts, users can track and compare the performance of campaigns. Imagine that when you control and capture a lot of information about a campaign on the same account, it is easy to compare their performance.

The reports on bids, keywords,… of all sub-account campaigns will also be updated the fastest and sent to the Google Ads MCC.

Features of MCC Google Ads

Features of MCC Google Ads

Right to control, access

For MCC, you can arrange, add permissions for other MCC accounts, and authorize another MCC account very easily with just a few steps similar to adding a Google Ads account to your account. MCC, in general is convenient and simple.

Advertising Invoice Consolidation

If you understand “What is a Google Ads Manager Account?” and start using it, your payment method will change a lil bit. When you manage an MCC with multiple sub-accounts, you can merge and publicize invoices into one. Easy to pay at once. You can also easily view the invoices of each subaccount individually.


I hope this article about “What Is A Google Ads Manager Account? 5 Steps To Create It” will help you create a good Google Ads account for better online advertising. If you still have some questions about Google Ads, please contact us right away and we will answer for you:

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